Guild Wars 2 Suffers Global Outage

Posted by | January 26, 2013

At approximately 1:30AM MST, the Guild Wars 2 authentication/login servers stopped responding to players worldwide. Most players experienced an “Error 42.” Distressed players flocked to the Guild Wars 2 Facebook page and began tweeting about their experience as they tried to log in but couldn’t. All worlds appear to be affected.

The team at GW2 did their best to stay on top of the situation and quickly started updating their official Twitter with messages stating that they were aware of the situation:

“We are currently aware of the server issues and are in the process of investigating. Thank you for your patience. ^ET” @GuildWars2 tweeted at 1:49pm.

The outage appears to affect the game worldwide as well as knocking out the forums. It hasn’t been verified, but it seems that it’s also taken out the GW1 game as well. As it appears, it was only the