GameOgre: Brawl Busters, a Brawl-Busting MMO by Rock Hippo Beta Key Giveaway

Posted by | August 13, 2011

brawl-bustersThe closed beta for this new creation by Rock Hippo started last week on August 11th and if you want to get your key, you should visit the GameOgre thread on the subject.
Grab your electric guitar, your football helmet, baseball bat, fire hose, or boxing gloves: Brawl Busters is on its way from Rock Hippo Productions and Weezor! In this smash action title, the production house that brought us MicroVolts will bring us a brawl-action combat free-to-play MMO game that will operate from the third-person-shooter angle bring a little bit of Team Fortress to a wacky class system of brawlers. Developed by SkeinGlobe, Brawl Busters has a look and feel reminiscent of MicroVolts but the gameplay diverges from …