CrimeCraft, a post-apocalyptic powerhouse addition to the MMOFPS RPG Genre

Posted by | February 10, 2011

crimecraft_logo_4b2d When it comes to MMORPGs most of them seem to cover the click-to-attack paradigm of world interaction. We watch our characters from behind, guide them with the keys, and interact with the world through a series of possible variant talents or acts on an action bar. These include World of Warcrat, City of Heroes, Dungeons & Dragons Online, Everquest, to name a few of a very long list. But not all single-player games operate under these rules, MMOs just work well with them; what about first-person-shooters?

Can’t they MMO? Well, it looks like a game like CrimeCraft seems to have done just that.

A review by Kit Dotson over at GameOrgre the game sets it to be the rising star MMOFPS+RPG of

Green Dragon Inn: Are the new Cataclysm instances in World of Warcraft really that difficult?

Posted by | February 3, 2011

ghostcrawler People who’ve been following Azeroth news may know by now that Ghostcrawler came out to tell people exactly why new instances may seem a bit too difficult. But, are they really?

Kit Dotson over at the Green Dragon Inn decided to tackle the subject,

The current end-game instances are a little bit odd when it comes to normal mode. In fact, two of the instances we leveled through on our way from 80 to 85 get left in our dust: the Throne of Tides and Blackrock Caverns. The odd thing about these is that in all of my characters, I only went into the Caverns once—and weirdly, I haven’t seen either during day-to-day heroics while grinding to gear