Green Dragon Inn: Archaeology in World of Warcraft

Posted by | January 28, 2011

the-innkeepers-daughter-300x300As you can see, I have an image from inside World of Warcraft and is one of the strange rewards from the archaeology secondary trade profession. If you can wait long enough to eventually pick it up from the ground.

I went and did a write up for Green Dragon Inn about my experience with it.

In abstract: it’s too OCD for me.

Now, when archaeology actually got released into the game it came to me as a little bit of a disappointment. I expected to see another glyph-like system based around it, so-called “Paths of the Titans” at the time which filled me which much glee. The chance to find other ways of tweaking my characters both after they’d

How the Virtual Worlds of Video Games Transcend the Real

Posted by | January 27, 2011

Fallout Mod For a while now, storytellers have been bewitching minds by spinning yarns so engaging that the audience cannot but bate their breaths in stillness with rapt attention. Out of all the modes of storytelling that we have available to us today, video games are amid the strongest and brightest lights when it comes to immersion and the ability to hold our attention. Certainly I’ve said as much about the direction that Blizzard has been taking World of Warcraft, but Avatar Nelson of the Midnight Sea Society also has a bit to say on the subject,

Video games have a great advantage over movies and books because they can place you directly into the story, leaving you standing on a

Halo Legends in review

Posted by | January 18, 2011

halo-legends-in-review Just last week, I fired up the Netflix and saw that Halo Legends had finally wound its way into the instant queue and I figured it was about time that I sat down with my favorite My Little Pwny pillow, a bag of popcorn, and the effervescent glow of the laptop monitor and watched it. So there I was, cozy with my pillow, sipping my Raume soda, and I’m watching a series of animé shorts based on a best-selling computer game.

Not exactly how I expected I’d be spending my night if I’d pondering this a few days before.

Overall the experience wasn’t that bad. For anyone who has ever watched an animé mashup DVD before—such as the Animatrix