Legend of Zelda meets God of War: Link of War

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This gorgeous rendering of Link is the work of David Hsu Yen. The beautiful scratching of colors, the ratty armor on our hero bringing out the green of his cap and the gleam of the Master Sword in his grip. Prepared for battle.

We’re with you, Link!

Click the image for the full version over at DeviantART.

A book you should read: Masters of Doom by David Kushner

Posted by | September 27, 2010

Masters_of_doom-Book_cover John D. Carmack and John Romero—the two Johns who changed the landscape of videogames forever. Between id Software and Ion Storm we’ve seen much of the best early innovation of the FPS genre from the minds of great workers. And here’s the book to read about the evolution of our beloved gameplay.

We haven’t had much time to digest the pages, so we’ll defer to the Wikipedia entry to entertain and delight,

Much of the book concentrates on this dynamic. While the two men initially very much complement each other, eventually they come into conflict, leading Romero to be fired from the company. Carmack, the skilled creator of the complicated and fast game engines the company’s

Wizard 101: Sneakthrough, finding "The Beetles"

Posted by | September 24, 2010

Prospector Zeke has a few hide-and-seek quests for people to do, the second one that most players run into is a search for Beetles. These bugs happen to be in Krokotopia, so you’ll need to have reached that world first.

The Oasis Beetles: (1) Check around the back of the Robe and Deck shops–you will be near the edge of the island. And then, (2) the other one is lurking on the right side of the Library–this one is also near the edge.

Altar of Kings Beetle: After entering the PYRAMID OF THE SUN, follow the stairs down on the left side and then carry along the wall down a few ramps, the beetle is behind some rubble at a blocked exit.

Chamber of Fire Beetle: From Assistant Danforth go up 3 hairpin ramps and then follow the wall until it forces you to turn right. Take

Evony Online drops their lawsuit against blogger Bruce Everiss

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evony Only two days in and Evony has already dropped their libel suit. Of course, it’s also become egregiously expensive for them, so perhaps they’re just attempting to ditch before it gets any worse. Since last summer, Bruce Everiss—videogame blogger—has been posting content critical of Evony and their marketing practices (something mentioned here on Vox Ex Machina as satire.)

The Guardian is running an article on this particularly amusing event,

The company abruptly abandoned its case against Everiss, which was being heard in the supreme court in Sydney, halfway through the second day of the case – and is now facing a legal bill of A$114,000 (£68,800) for

Stan Lee speaks out against video game censorship laws

Posted by | September 22, 2010

Recently California has passed a general ban on selling video games of particular caliber to children. This newly minted law is soon-to-be sent along to a higher court and—as has been seen with other similar laws—will probably not survive. The debate over violent video games and minor children seems to hearken back to other moral hysterias that have blanketed the United States.

Stan Lee has written a radiant open letter to the community about the inanity of the position that spawned this law,

Comic books, it was said, contributed to "juvenile delinquency." A Senate subcommittee investigated and decided the U.S. could not "afford the calculated risk involved in feeding its children, through comic books, a concentrated diet of crime, horror and violence." Comic books were burned. The State of Washington made it a crime to sell comic books

Video: Blizzard including a Plants vs. Zombies clone quests in Cataclysm

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TED Talks: Jane McGonigal on how gaming can make a better world

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WoW.com packs its bags for a move to wow.joystiq.com

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…but what—why?

Azeroth is facing cataclysmic changes and WoW.com is no exception. Long-time readers will remember that our site lived at www.WoWInsider.com since we spun off from our mother site, Joystiq, lo those many years ago. Our corporate parent, AOL, owned the WoW.com domain, and about 15 months ago, we migrated our site to that address.

Whugh-uh? Our best guess that AOL.com believes that they can better monetize wow.com into something else, which is why they’re forcing WoW Insider to move to a much more ridiculous domain. In Internet terms, not everyone out here in the great misty beyond happens to be a video gamer—and even amid avid gamers not all of us are MMO players, not all play Warcraft, so on—but after being uprooted before, this doesn’t sit so well with us. We’d just gotten used to WoW.com.

The press release style

Does Halo’s “combat evolution” still stand up against Alien versus Predator?

Posted by | September 13, 2010

Halo came to the masses with a bold statement from Microsoft, “Combat Evolved.” Certainly, Halo did change the game field. Now we’ve seen an entire series, in fact, evolve from the franchise and it’s time to see how it stands up against other FPS models from other publishers.

The first Halo caught our attention immediately when it was released in 2001 and became a must-buy after the demo gave us mousepaw. Although, really what captured our imagination happened to be the attention to detail to the world—the halos, their implications, the threat of the Flood, etc—and also the portrayal of the various characters across the storyline. The FPS evolution seemed to come in terms of a clean presentation, low bugginess, excellent sound, nicely architected environments with strong visual cues to identify structures and enemies.

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