PaymentOne Destroys World of Warcraft Accounts with Inexplicable Chargebacks

Posted by | July 31, 2009

World of WarcraftThe World of Warcraft is reeling under an assault, but not from any mortal enemy. Instead, the masses of elves and orcs alike suffer under the cruel whip of bizarre credit charges canceling their accounts.

The monster at the heart of this attack is PaymentOne, a company that allows players to pay their game subscriptions through their phone bills. It seems that PaymentOne has issued thousands of credit card chargebacks against WoW players, which caused their accounts with Blizzard to go deeply negative. In response, Blizzard shut down the accounts.

A chargeback is a type of credit card protection people use to defend themselves against nasty and unexpected charges on their credit card. It bodily sucks the money directly from the merchant’s account back to the user’s own, leaving the merchant …

Review: AstroPop Deluxe

Posted by | July 31, 2009

astropop-deluxe-poster We came into this game looking at the cute, smooth rendered characters as mascots for space adventures and companions in this arcade puzzler—however, when it came down to the brass tacks, this game just wasn’t our cup of tea.

AstroPop presents itself as an action puzzler involving another color matching mechanism that we’ve seen many times before. It sets itself aside from other games by presenting a new way to approach this color matching. Bricks arrive from the top of the screen with the player at the bottom. The player flies a ship with the ability to grab blocks from the descending colorful menace up to a stack of four, and can release them back. Matching four or more blocks causes them to vanish as per usual.

While …

Help let President Obama know how video games can do good

Posted by | July 30, 2009

United States President Obama hasn’t been kind to video games during his presidential campaign and still in his presidency—during speeches he often refers to video games as something to be set aside to do more useful things. In a recent speech in front of the NAACP he suggested that parents put the Xbox away.

The gaming industry, of course, is a mystified by this paradigm of thought; like every other media—books, radio, television—video games have had a great influence on both culture and social narrative. To single them out as if they’re a particular threat to attention or social order lends them a greater negative light than they deserve; really, it’s the role of parents and members of the community to engage each other with the tools that they have.

The Entertainment Consumers Association would like everyone to help

Review: Bejeweled Twist

Posted by | July 29, 2009

bejeweled-twist-boxshot Continuing on with our trek through casual gaming, we took a break from abusing cute, fuzzy colored koosh-balls for their eyeballs and decided to move onto shattering glittering gemstones in spaaaace. At least, this is how our first impression of Bejeweled Twist came about. A great deal of the artwork and presentation tied up in the game seems to suggest SciFi elements, right down to alien landscapes, and a spacecraft moving between levels.

The game itself is remarkably similar to the original title of Bejeweled: take a 2D grid of gemstones of various colors, exchange the positions of the precious gems to match them in rows, once matched they shatter and their neighbors collapse in to take up the emptied space. The twist of Bejeweled Twist, of …

Ghostbusters Video Game Sells a Million, Might Even be Good

Posted by | July 27, 2009

Atari’s propaganda machine just spit out the latest news-like item; Ghostbusters: The Video Game has cleared the million-unit hurdle. This is good news for the franchise, of course, and better news for Atari, who being a hollow giant passed around through the industry like a joint made from a mummified colossus, could use a little success.

Granted, these numbers do come as a sum total amongst the various platforms that writhe in the grip of the game’s throbbing tentacles since Ghostbusters was released to every chunk of electronics capable of displaying something akin to a moving picture. I think you can buy a version for graphing calculators.

You can read the entire press release over here at PR Newswire.

Video Game Makers Considering Movie Pie, Salivating Heavily

Posted by | July 24, 2009

Last year, the video game industry wolfed down some 11-billion of your human monies, which surpassed the ticket sales of the movie industry. This has caused the game industry to reflect on just what to do with video game movies and how they should be produced.

Although Hollywood marshals a vast array of resources in the film-making department, the conglomeration of film-makers is more or less a giant bowl of maggots, turning in their filth, who seek to devour and devour with no regard to what foulness emerges from their digestive organs. Video game companies have become wary of lending, or losing, their IP rights to this disgusting crew.

The LA Times has posted an article about what video game companies are doing to protect their franchises while still turning a theatre buck, and it’s not pretty for Hollywood. Read more about it here.

Warcraft: The Game: The Movie

Posted by | July 23, 2009

So I hear they’re going to make a Warcraft movie now? Gee. How many billions does a game have to make these days before it’s despoiled and curb-stomped by Hollywood? I mean, we got how many Resident Evil flicks? Granted, I think those were merely the sins of an unjust world taking corporeal shape…

So here’s what we know, which, in the way of these things, could change at any moment. Sam Raimi is set to direct, which is perfect, really. Any man who can pull off the Evil Dead series can probably handle a fantasy world where half the characters wear horrible puns as names. He also seems to have a talent for “getting it” as the kids say, so maybe his version of Warcraft won’t be two hours of explosions set to a Linkin’ Park screamtrack.

Legendary Pictures are developing the …

Marvel Universe MMO — The First Rule of Comics

Posted by | July 22, 2009

…is unless you see the body, he ain’t dead. Much like Jean Grey of the X-Men, the Marvel MMO rises back from the grave. This time, its unholy reanimation is by the hand of Gazillion Entertainment, who have perfected the art of obtuse web page design.

You might remember the Marvel MMO from 2007 or so, when Cryptic pulled it off life support.

Meanwhile, Gargantuan, the studio assigned to create and run this returning MMO property under the crushing iron boot of Gazillion, is hiring. They’ve had some luck, too, picking up David Brevik from the old Diablo team. Oh, he also did some time with Hellgate: London and Lord of the Rings Online. You might have heard of those.

So far, the only information we have on the project …

Lord of the Rings Online Dev Diary Discusses the Rune-Keeper Class

Posted by | July 21, 2009

And they don’t just collapse your skull with those big damn books, either. The Rune-Keeper is a new class for Lord of the Rings Online, focused around either buffing their allies through careful alignments of the elvish rune-tongue, or damaging foes by hurling the power of dwarven runestones.

Take a look at the Lord of the Rings Online website.

Champions Online — Rate My Champion

Posted by | July 21, 2009

City of Heroes is known for its costume contests in Atlas park, but Champions Online did them one step better and put it up on their website. The icon to get in involves a catgirl. The winner, as of this moment, is a devil chick with hotpants and a V-strap top.

All is right in the world.

Rate ’em up here.

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